I shoot in a documentary style

Documentary photography is all about allowing the day to unfold without interrupting its flow. I observe, shoot, and document the day. All you have to do is let loose and enjoy the day to its fullest. It flies by far too quickly, trust me!

These real moments, which are timeless and emotive, are the ones that you will relate to and always come back to. Why? It'll take you straight back to that day, and that moment, and you will feel something when you look at them. 

Inclusivity matters to me a great deal! I try to show a diverse portfolio to showcase that I work with clients from different backgrounds but there's one thing that ties them all together - their trust in me to document their wedding day that is as unique as they are.

I shoot real life as it happens.

“That's what documentary photography is all about. Unrepeatable moments that happen at the speed of light.

Laughter, tears, hugs, embarrassing moments, unforgettable moments, confetti flying all in your face, grandma falling asleep, crazy dance moves, you two exchanging looks from across the room, friends bashing a piñata, questionable drink choices... you name it.”

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If you would love to have:

  • Real moments with genuine emotions and reactions
  • Not having the constant spotlight on yourself
  • Unforced engagement with your photographer
  • Photographs full of emotions, memories, and humour
  • Editing style that brings out the right parts of the image
  • An unconventional yet artistic approach to photography
  • A wedding that you enjoy to the fullest, forgetting about the photographer

And, if you are not so keen on: 

  • Many posed group shots (there's usually a few for the family to keep!)
  • Someone asking you to look at the camera and breaking up the natural flow of the day
  • Someone constantly directing you and your partner
  • "Must have" shot lists printed from Pinterest (trust me, those images will age very fast)

...then you and I will be a great match.

what memories will you make?

what memories will you make?