What is a documentary style wedding photography?

You may have heard "documentary", "photojournalistic" or "reportage" style wedding photography, and in essence they mean preserving a moment, exactly as it was, for future generations, a brief moment of social history. Because this type of photography is very much about how I see the day and how I take something mundane and random to then turn it into a beautiful memory for you, it means that we have to be on the same wavelength - I want my couples to trust my vision so they can fully relax and enjoy the day without having to worry about photography.

I’m always on a lookout for those special moments; for me it’s not about posing but real interactions that are meaningful

I’m always on a lookout for those special moments; for me it’s not about posing but real interactions that are meaningful

…and there are ways to make those few traditional parents and grandparents photographs more relaxing and natural

…and there are ways to make those few traditional parents and grandparents photographs more relaxing and natural

Documentary / reportage photography is about allowing the day to happen without interrupting the flow of it. I observe, shoot and document the day. Contrary to the belief that documentary photography is shooting 1000's of images, hoping to get a few good ones, I still do focus on the fine details of the dress (or suit, or whatever makes you feel great), to the emotive speeches, to faces and gestures of your loved ones. I am fully committed to shooting weddings in a reportage style, no posing, no 'look at me and smile', just observation and capturing those decisive moments as they happen. These real moments, which are timeless and emotive, are the ones that you will relate to and always come back to. Why? It'll take you straight back to that day, and that moment, and you will feel something when you look at them. 

Documentary photography also shows many moments that you never saw yourself on your wedding day. You will be too busy getting married and living the day to its fullest. This is why you booked me to see your wedding through my eyes on your behalf and to capture unrepeatable moments. This is my skill, this is what I do. The main role of the photographer is to have a highly developed sense of awareness, to anticipate moments just before they happen, and then to capture those moments without intruding. I travel around Europe shooting streets (and weddings), so I know what I'm looking for. Regardless of how big or small the wedding is, regardless of where you choose to get married, there is always something unique about each and every wedding.

I’ve collated a brief overview of just a fraction of things I look out for when I shoot your wedding, take a look at my “PORTFOLIO” page!

A more traditional approach would be a photographer who tells you where and how to stand, where to look; and you will revisit the images twenty years later and wonder, "why did the photographer ask me to stand like that? Back arched and a slight twist with my body..?", or a big part of your day will have been taken by creating and organising lines and groups of people with forced smiles. I am not that photographer. I understand that some weddings may require a few formal shots, but I keep those to a minimum to allow myself to fully document your wedding day instead of breaking it up.

If you’d like to take a look at the way I view images and how I handle shooting and editing them, come visit my “ABOUT IMAGES” page.


I shoot real life as it happens

That's what fine art documentary photography is about. Unrepeatable moments that happen at the speed of light. I don't shoot a wedding any other way. If it's a set of posed images you're looking for, I am not the right one for you.

I shoot life and I let your day unfold naturally to produce timeless and emotive imagery. After all, it's more interesting than doing a posed photo shoot which makes you miss out on enjoying this beautiful day.


Bringing out emotions and reason for the image

Choosing the right editing for each image is a job in itself. Many images need to be black and white because they are timeless and evocative moments.

Others, such as your beautiful table decorations or the elegant flowers you're holding, need to be in colour.

My work ends when I deliver the images to you, not when I stop shooting on the night of your wedding.


From morning until dark

Evenings are for letting loose and concluding the day in your style. Whether you choose to dance the night away, or celebrate it outside under the night sky, I'll be there to document that warm, inviting evening atmosphere.

I've no doubt, you'll be surprised to receive the images and see what your guests had been up to throughout the night. Enjoy it, and let it be an unforgettable end to your wedding day.


Little moments that mean the world

Venues might be grand and the location might be breathtaking, but what truly becomes priceless are those small moments that will eventually mean the world to you and your family in years to come.

]These moments will be forever captured, they will never expire, and they will grow in value and meaning with every single year. Let me photograph these for you and give them the attention and love they deserve.



There are so many ways to document people who are celebrating with you. It doesn’t have to be all traditional group shots, which is why I photograph people in many different compositions and angles. We are used to seeing our friends and family in straight-forward shots or right in front of us, which is why it becomes exciting to receive a gallery where your guests have been captured candidly but also creatively, letting them become an integral part of your wedding day imagery.


Street photography?

It’s undeniable that my style of wedding photography has evolved from my love for street photography where telling a good story means being able to decide when to take the image, observing, anticipating and reacting, composing in an interesting way, and being able to add context to the story.

Having travelled wide and far, I am open to new challenges and wherever you choose to celebrate, it doesn’t change the effort I put into each wedding. Whether it is a local registry office and a pub or a cosmopolitan wedding abroad, I still keep looking for the things that make a story to me: emotions, humour, reactions, love… humanity in all its shapes and forms.