Wedding Photography Portfolio

To look through my wedding portfolio means to understand more about documentary style wedding photography. This portfolio is a glimpse in my wedding work and how the day evolves. Every wedding is a unique celebration with its own quirks and personality, but one thing in common is coming together to celebrate love, family ties, and friendships. When I shoot a wedding, I become the “eyes” of my couple - I will observe, document, participate and anticipate. I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as I did.

I’m not there to run or interrupt your wedding, it’s your day to enjoy - my job is to document it. Last thing I want for you is to look back at your wedding photographs and think about the hours you spent trying to arrange group shots or how the photographer kept asking you to pose for them; instead, I want you to look at all the little things and moments that happened when you and your guests were enjoying yourselves to the fullest.

Take a look at these galleries and enjoy scrolling through them and seeing such a vast range of emotions and moments!

The morning of…

Maybe morning coverage isn’t something you considered but perhaps these images will change your mind. These are intimate moments when both of were just at the beginning of this emotional rollercoaster that is called a wedding. I’ve had fully relaxed mornings and hectic ones, but either way it’s a lovely way to begin your wedding story with. Whatever stresses or worries you may have, forget about it all because you're getting married today and that's all that matters. Missing shoes or buttonholes, last minute speeches, last night's takeaway boxes, where are the rings..?  Enjoy it, have fun, and let me document it all. 

I do, I do…

Sunlit churches, middle of forest ceremonies, city registry offices and town halls, hotel weddings... All you'll remember is seeing their face, everything else will be a blur. Trust me, you'll be surprised when you see the images and everything that went on before, during and after your I Do's, because there's so much more to your ceremony than just the rings. It may seem daunting at first, but it will be over in a matter of a split second. Next thing you know, you’re out there enjoying yourself with your family friends and the ceremony will be a distant memory until you revisit it through the images.

Emotions, quirks, personalities

You just said yes to the love of your life and are walking out to be met by a flurry of smiles, congratulations and confetti, so while you're getting congratulatory hugs from your aunts and uncles, I'm looking for those quirks and one-off moments that I want you to remember forever. Your friends and family are so important, and they deserve to be celebrated, too. I’m not staging moments; my job is to look for those really compelling photographs where special moments, timing, and composition all come together.

Just the two of you (and me)

I don't let your day to become a lengthy photoshoot while you miss out on celebrating your wedding. Let's go for a short walk wherever we are, and just forget about everybody for a moment. Busy London street, forest trail, beach that makes your shoes full of sand (take them off!), Copenhagen bridge... No static poses, this is time for you to catch your breath, relax and be yourselves. This is not a styled model shoot, this is me observing you both, how you interact with one another, and what your body language says.

Our past and future

However big or small your wedding may be, it's a celebration where generations come together. Don't forget, even though it's the two of you getting married, these are memories that will be cherished as a family heirloom, too. Little ones will grow up and look back at it, make sure you remind them on their 18th what they were like on your wedding day. Our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties… they hold a special place in our hearts and of course, every family is different - we have our own dynamics, our own way of speaking to each other, and by observing everything that goes on at your wedding, I am able to catch those fleeting moments that you wouldn’t think twice about. But, it’s these moments that bring us all closer together.

When the lights go down

Late afternoon and evening is time for you to truly let your hair down. Century long traditions of first dances, removing the garter, cutting up socks (yes, that's a weird Dutch tradition), games, drinks, and plenty of good food. The most stressful part of the day has long gone by so enjoy yourself to the fullest, until the shoes come off, until the last (wo)man standing. By this time, you will have completely forgotten that there is a wedding photographer around. Trust me, the worries that you had before, will have vanished, and you’ll simply want to have as much fun as you can - and you should, you both deserve it!